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This is where I will post urls and site names for games where certain achievments are bit more challenging. If you're having trouble accomplishing something in the games listed then click the link below the listed game to find the answers you seek. If you don't see a game listed that you want help with then leave a comment below and i'll have it posted. These games will change every month with the first change being February 1st and new games may be added throughout the month.

Dead SpaceEdit

"Dead Space" is a game that I, personally, find you need to play through at least 3 times; especially if you want all the achievements. One time for the Plasma Cutter achievements, the next 2 times you should focus on the remaining weapon and upgrade achievements. Doing so also gives you 3 attempts at all the additional achievements this game provides. "Slugger" is awarded for defeating the Slug boss in chapter 8 with 50% shield strength or greater. Players will find "Kickin' it" by breaking out of 10 lurker executions.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2Edit

Nauto Friendship event guide. This is a very loose solution to the Friendship Event locations. Not all are posted. If anyone finds a better solution either post a link to it or comment below.